Water Quality Report

The following are links to our Consumer Confidence Reports.  These reports reflect water quality data related to possible water contaminants in each of our service areas.  These reports are required by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency requirements. Farmers Water Co. water quality meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements.

Water hardness is not considered a contaminant and is therefore, not included in Consumer Confidence Reports.  Farmers Water Co. does receive water hardness queries when customers are considering water softening.  The following are hardness values that were taken in June 2020:

  • Sahuarita PWS (Public Water System): 220 ppm
  • Sahuarita Highlands PWS : 130 ppm
  • Continental PWS:

Madera Highlands Area: 120 ppm

Continental Area: 200 ppm

Colonia Real Area 130 ppm

  • Santa Rita Springs PWS: 180 ppm

If you need to convert to grains, divide ppm by 17.1 Example: 130 ppm/17.1 = 7.60 grains

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