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Requests for service can take up to 48 hours to be completed. This means that the earliest a request submitted today can be scheduled for is within 48 hours, or 2 business days. Any request for service submitted after 3:00 PM will not get processed until the following business day. Please be advised that service can only be scheduled Monday – Friday. To start service with us, please fill out the form below and click on the “start service” button.

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If you choose paperless billing, you will need to enroll in E-Bill Express in order to receive billing notifications via email.
Farmers Water Co. charges a $35.00 establishment fee to establish water service. This fee will appear on your first cycled bill and will be due and payable with your first months payment.
The Customer requests water service from Farmers Water Co. (FWC) at the address indicated above. Once service is established, the services provided pursuant to this Agreement shall continue until cancelled by FWC or until the Customer requests to disconnect service. During all times in service, the Customer agrees to pay for water service at the rates approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission. The Customer also agrees, in the event of payment default for any amount due, to pay the amount owed for water service and any additional charge equal to the cost of the collection, attorney’s fees, and court costs. The Customer also acknowledges that, although FWC endeavors to provide the best water service available with adequate pressure and volume at all times possible, no guarantee is made thereto. By accepting service, you are acknowledging that you are responsible for all water charges incurred until you notify FWC to discontinue service. Forty-eight (48) hours notice is required for disconnect.