Customer Service

Customers may pay their utility bills by check, Automated Clearing House (ACH), or online by credit/debit card. For all FWC-specific questions, call 520-879-7474 during normal business hours.

Payment Policy

All bills for water utility services are rendered to customers by the first day of the month.  Any payment not received within 15 days from the date the bill was rendered is considered delinquent.

Termination Policy for Delinquency

Pursuant to A.A.C. R14-2-410, FWC reserves the right to disconnect and terminate service to any customer that fails to pay a delinquent water bill.  Prior to terminating service for failure to pay a delinquent bill, FWC provides termination notices.  Service for a delinquent bill is terminated if not received by 5:00pm on the date specified in the termination notice.  Notwithstanding any deferred payment procedure as specified below, payment receipt and confirmation are required by FWC prior to lifting the termination notice.  Receipt and confirmation means actual receipt of funds by FWC to satisfy the delinquent bill by 5:00pm on the date specified in the termination notice and does not mean any other date, such as the postmark or mailing date of any payment.  Pursuant to FWC’s Tariff, a reconnection fee is applied to any service reconnected after being terminated along with applicable late charges.  Any customer receiving a termination notice may contact FWC at the address and phone number listed below in advance of the scheduled termination date for information regarding a possible deferred payment procedure to avoid service termination.  If a customer agrees to a deferred payment schedule for a delinquent bill, the first payment installment must be paid at the time the parties enter into the agreement.  Any customer receiving a termination notice may dispute the termination notice by contacting FWC in advance of the scheduled termination date to advise of the dispute and make arrangements to discuss the cause for termination with a responsible customer service representative.  In any event, FWC shall retain the option to terminate service.

Farmers Water Co.

Physical Address: 1525 E. Sahuarita Road

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 7

Sahuarita, Arizona 85629


7:00am – 4:00pm, Monday – Friday

Deferred Payment Policy

In an effort to avoid terminating a customer’s water service for violating FWC’s Payment Policy, FWC may offer a customer the opportunity to defer paying its delinquent amount over a period not to exceed six months.  Any customer accepting FWC’s offer for a deferred payment, must sign a Deferred Payment Agreement and pay the first monthly installment at the time the parties enter into the Agreement.  The deferred payment option shall only be offered after a customer is delinquent and is a one-time offer, meaning a similar deferred payment offer cannot be available to that customer again until the delinquent amount is paid in full.  During the term of the Agreement, the customer is also responsible for paying their normal water utility bill for water service charges accrued in that billing month.  If that customer again violates FWC’s Payment Policy during the term of the Agreement, the Agreement and water service shall be terminated.  Pursuant to FWC’s Tariff, a deferred payment charge will apply to any deferred payment amounts. 

Reconnection Policy after Delinquent Service Termination

FWC will reconnect a water service that was previously disconnected due to delinquency only after confirming payment in full for the delinquent amount owed. FWC can confirm payment only during normal business hours (7:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday). FWC will schedule the reconnection during normal business hours within a reasonable amount of time after the reconnection request is made, not to exceed 24 hours.

Reconnections requested after normal business hours are only authorized in emergency situations.  An emergency is defined as the existence of an obvious hazard to the safety or health of the customer or the general population. If you feel that your situation is an emergency, call FWC’s Emergency After-Hours Phone (520-591-3178). Our on-call Staff will help determine if your situation is an emergency. After hour calls are subject to a service charge of $35.00. Reconnections are subject to an additional charge of $40.00.

Pursuant to FWC’s Tariff, FWC will charge the customer on its next monthly billing statement all applicable fees, including late fees and re-connection fees.

Effective 8/14

Meter box and meter installations within Farmers Water Co. (FWC) service areas is in accordance with Tucson Water Standard Detail 309 (SD-309) and the Meter Box and Meter Installation Checklist— and subject to inspection and approval by FWC, unless specifically directed otherwise. FWC inspections and approval are required in the following sequence: (1) Meter Box Installation; (2) Meter Installation; and (3) Final Inspection.

An applicant may request an inspection by fax (520-791-2853) or email (info@farmerswaterco.com). FWC will schedule the requested inspection within two (2) business days, unless the inspection is for a previously failed inspection. FWC will not re-inspect within five (5) business days of a previously failed inspection.

Meter Box Installation and Inspection
• The applicant shall supply and install the meter box in accordance with SD-309, and subject to inspection and approval by FWC. Exception to SD-309 – Meter box covers shall not have “Tucson Water” molded into the lid; meter box covers shall be green or black in color.

Meter Installation and Inspection
• Prior to meter installation by FWC, the applicant must submit a Water Service Application and Agreement and applicable fees. FWC will attempt to install the requested meter within two (2) business days. FWC will not install the requested meter if the meter box fails inspection at the time of request for service.
• Meter installation shall be made only after issuance of any applicable Approval of Construction, receipt confirmed by FWC.
• FWC’s standard rates will apply from the date the water is turned on, at which time the applicant becomes a FWC customer.

Final Inspection
• A Final Inspection and approval are required prior to transferring the meter account (E.g., homebuilder transferring the meter account to a homeowner).

*Note – Any damage to the meter and/or meter box, regardless of cause, occurring any time after the meter installation shall be considered tampering and result in termination of service pursuant to the Arizona Administrative Code. FWC will not restore service until the conditions that caused the termination are corrected to FWC’s satisfaction.