Field Employees

When you see us around town we are easily identified:

We drive vehicles with logos.

Our field operators wear uniforms:

Jack Miller, Operations Manager
Gonzalo Ibarra, Field Operator
Chris Barraza, Field Operator


We may knock on your door to let you know we are going to work on your meter, temporarily shut down water services for maintenance, or final termination notice.

We will never ask to enter your home for water sampling!

Con artist have been known to try to gain entry to homes by posing as water utility employees.

Recent Updates


Water Quality Testing of our 4 Water Systems is conducted once a month. The pod is used to isolate samples from wind and any possible contamination that may occur.

1/4/23 Ti-Ins to new Developments. These pictures are showing a recent piping tie-in to Phase 2 of Village 4 in Madera Highlands.

The building is a total loss; no residents were threatened or evacuated.

PSA: Please drive cautiously around fire hydrants. Hitting them will damage your vehicle and interrupt fire service. Thank you.

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